Welcome to the Avenue Road Music And Performance Academy, a dynamic space where our mission is to ignite passion and creativity through music and dance. Our mission is to unleash artistic potential, transcend boundaries, and foster a community where the transformative power of music and dance become a beacon of possibilities.

Join us on this thrilling journey by enrolling now.

Situated in a stunning heritage building, our academy serves as a gateway to music and dance. Beyond physical boundaries, we offer virtual lessons, ensuring that the transformative power of music and dance reaches every corner of Canada. Scholarships are available to support aspiring individuals in turning their artistic dreams into vibrant realities.

Our exceptional faculty crafts personalized musical journeys, recognizing that one size does not fit all in arts education. 

More than just lessons, we create unforgettable experiences, from electrifying performance events to inspiring master classes. Gordon Lightfoot's legendary grand piano, generously donated, takes center stage, amplifying the impact of our mission.


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