Proceeds from the sales of these items will support the Academy's mission to provide access to quality music education. 

To purchase these items or to inquire about seting up an in-person inspection please email with your contact detail, and the alphanumeric reference code for the item (in brackets).

(AET33) $75,000. Gordon Lightfoot's own Steinway Grand Model A11, manufactured at the Long Island factory in 1910, and houses a full set of original ivory keytops. Previously owned and signed by Gordon Lightfoot. 6'2''. Valued at $100,000.

(PMR37) $1,000. Century II Mason & Risch, apartment sized upright piano. Built in Toronto in 1980. Valued at $2,500.

(PHH38) $500. Apartment sized Heintzman upright piano. Manufactured in Toronto, in good working order. 

(AEV30) $2,800. German Violin hand produced Markneukirchen circa 1920, Joseph Guarnerius label dated 1746 with case and bow. Full Size. Valued at $3,350

(AEV31) $250. Stentor ‘Student II’ Violin, with bow and case. Full sized. Valued at $415.

(SCR02) $35,000. Limited edition Lladro gloss finish porcelain sculpture of a XVIII century carriage drawn by four white horses. This is one of the most complex and ambitious works by artists of the Lladro High Porcelain workshop. 17.7”H, 44.4”W, 11.8”L.

(SCR03) $100. "Girl with Wheat" Limited edition Lladro porcelain figurine, hand painted, matte finish, limited edition. 12.25”H, 4"W

(SCR04) $100. "Girl with Tulips" Limited edition Lladro porcelain figurine, hand painted, matte finish, limited edition. 9.5”H, 4”W

(SCR05) $60. "Girl with Candle" Limited edition Lladro porcelain figurine, hand painted, matte finish, limited edition. 8"H, 3.75”W

(SCR06) $45. "Boy Kissing Goodnight" Limited edition Lladro porcelain figurine, hand painted, gloss finish, limited edition. 7.75”H, 3”W.

(APA09) $300. Woman sitting by the window on a sofa, stretched canvas. 36”H and 30”W.

(API10) $300. Modernist painting of pianist and crowd, stretched canvas. 36”H and 30”W.

(AP013) $180. Vintage exhibition poster featuring brooch from Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon. Framed. 38”H and 27”W.

(AP020) $50. Portrait print of a boy and a girl on a wooden frame. 28”H and 21”W.

(APL02) $90. Framed painting of a river flowing under a foot bridge. 16”H and 20”W.

(APL05) $100. Landscape painting of a maiden walking by the green fields surrounding by mountain and trees. 23.5”H and 31”W.

(APL06) $300. Birch trees and river, framed stretch canva. 31”H and 35”W.

(APL07) $300. Lake at Sunset, framed stretched canvas. 31”H and 35”W.

(APL08) $50. Framed pastel painting: Tall grass alongside lake with mountains. 14”H and 18”W.

(APL01) $90. Framed painting of trees and flowing rapids. 16”H and 20” W.

(AP018) $30. Framed print of a botanical drawing. 20” H and 17”W.

(AP015) $50. Framed set of 16 ceramic bowls, painted. 23.5” H and 23.5”W.

(AK017) $50. Pencil Drawing on paper: Squirrel sitting on tree branch. 18”H and 24”W.

(APL11) $350. Framed painting, Five boys playing cards by candle light. 35”H and 45”W.

(AP016) $20. Framed Print: Girl in a white dress holding a mirror. 19”H and 16”W

(AET32) $300. Bach Mercedes student trombone with hard case. Full sized tenor. 

(AJ022) $10. 2 Jazz CD's, Jazz FM91 branded bottle and a keychain.