Canada's own hero, Gordon Lightfoot, generously donated and signed his personal Steinway Grand Piano.

GL piano

GL piano shot 2


  Marbin Matinee Matching Fund

The Marbin Matinee Matching Fund is what makes the Marbin Matinee Concert Series possible. Through the support of our generous donors, we are able to support talented early-career musicians and present world-class, intimate concerts for free in the Gordon Lightfoot Concert Hall. All donations made to this fund are matched by an anonymous donor to recognize the outstanding volunteer leadership of Kathleen Penny..

  Peter Benedict
  Natasha Frid
  Dorothy Sandler-Glick
  Alex Cheung
  Peter Loppnau
  Lehong Xu
  Ian Epstein
  Ricker Choi
  Kathleen W. Smith
  Maureen & Dwight Wainman
  Anonymous Donor

Dr Silvers


Holocaust Memorial Fund in honour of the Amazing Laks Sisters, initiated by Dr. William Silvers from Denver Colorado

Dr. William Silvers
David Lerman
Dr. Ruth Corbin
Dr. Pauline Wallin
Harry Gelb
Paul Gelb
Denise Burns
Brigitte Waisberg

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Contributions of all sizes can be made with a one-time gift or a multi-year pledge with payments spread over a maximum of 5 years. All donations are fully tax deductible.


Music for Northern Kids Fund, in honour of Jim Thomson

This Fund supports a distance learning facility to allow kids from Canada’s north and south to share musical classes, and equips remote community kids with  instruments they want to play.


Made possible by the generous support of our donors:

Mike Shriqui
Sara Onyschuk
Don Macintosh
Roy Whitson
Ruth Corbin


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Contributions of all sizes can be made with a one-time gift or a multi-year pledge with payments spread over a maximum of 5 years. All donations are fully tax deductible.

Top 80 Over 80 Awards

Honouring Remarkable Canadians Aged 80 or Better

Watch the inaugural award video

Seeded by Friends of Chuck E. Chakrapani:

Lead Donor: Léger Marketing
Rosemary Cliffe
Ruth Corbin
Dr. Ken Deal
Annie F. Pettit
Michael Gadd
Chris Commins


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Chuck Chak



Bruce McLeod, former moderator of the United Church of Canada
Mr McLeod's words of tribute: "Our oldest family friend, the refurbished Steinway, has found a new home. Blocks away, I heard my mother playing it in 1929. Memories tumble - singsongs, lessons practising Bach and Gershwin. Now a culminating future on Avenue Road. Fresh fingers, hearts, harmonies await - more music keeping us all in tune."

Admired Toronto philanthropist, Jeannie Tanenbaum, donated this wonderful Steinway Grand Piano built in 1926

steinway 1

steinway 2


The Charles Feldman Endowment Fund, in loving memory

This fund supports the Charles Feldman Electronic Classroom which make it possible for the Academy to provide incredible group keyboard and theory lessons. Thank you for making this tribute to Charles possible:

Dr. Brian Feldman and Justice Kathryn Feldman
Drs. Harry and Elaine Rakowski
Barry and Ruth Corbin
Gale and Nadim Wakeam
Petra and Lionel Newton
Ian Epstein and Kathy Kacer
Nadim Wakeam

Mark and Kate Freiman
Arnie and Sherry Zweig
Dr. Lorne Sossin
Todd Archibald
Anonymous Donor
Marie Finkelstein
Galia Shaked and Paul Milgram
Debbie Gorman




The Joan Johnston Memorial Fund

Supporting the Joan Johnston Memorial Scholarship which makes music education available for individuals effected by Cancer. Thank you for making this incredible scholarship possible:

Elaine Todres
Dr. Eva Klein
Jane Cooney
Rosemary Fillmore
Heather Connely
Ruth Corbin
Adrian Lee
J. Victoria Walker
Samantha Levy
Brian Edwards
Lauren Kerbel
Alex Murphy
Caleb Gilgan
Maddy Macnab
Susannah Kiernan
Ailish Morgan-Welden

Dr. Sherry Cooper
Beverly Topping
Deanna Rosenswig
Mary E Hofstetter
Christine Hart
Anonymous INNET Members
Lynn Anstead
Jane Rupert
Mary Hirst
Susan Monteith
Katie Flockhart
Lois Roberts
Samuel Loeb
Corey Simpson
Anna Richard
Paul Kapridov

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Student Bursary Fund

This fund makes sure anyone can have access to high quality music education.

David Wilson
Ava & Wayne Arron

Heidi Buchanan




Capital Fund, Future of the Academy & Concert Topper Uppers

Michael Maske
Dale A. Turner
Grant Reynolds
Andrew Weir
David Stevens
Ron Davis
Stephen Goldhar
Seza Nazarian
Linda Halperin
Andrea Rush
Elise Jankelow
Pauline Wong
Rosaline Pi
Liza Lau
Rajshri Jayaraman
Gwen Sugiyama
Charles Halan-Andres
Paulette Collet
Peter Mason
Alex Hahn
Kiel Sun Arpaia
Carol Austin
Debora Azevedo
Sarah Cannon
Irene Caporali
Wendy Cheung
Ricker Choi
Vance Cooper
Darryl & Dianne Edwards
Richard Faccio
Christel Faivre Courtot
Nazanin Fazeli
Fabian Fulsom
Zina Galway
John Grant
Susan Johnston
Kathy Kacer
Johanna Landert-Taylor
Barbara Landry
Marion Yanase
Hongwen Zhou
Jon Purther
Norman Simon
Kathleen Penny
Stella Kavoukian
Lauren Saunders
Shauna Corbin
Colleen Spring & Gordon Zimmerman
David Fineran
Sonia Mariani
David LeBlanc
Viviane Amiel
Ian Epstein
Anton Tajanlangit
Andrea Vabalis
Vivian Dzau
Joanna Landert-Taylor
Dorith Cooper
Samantha Zarry
Katy Lambert
David Wilson
Clarence Lee
Peggy Leung
Lewis Lo
Louise Maske
Patricia MoonWhitmore
Gale Moore
Sanny Ng Rockwood
Anja Orom
Edward Perlmutter
Donna Robinson
Howard Roger
Robin Roger
Karen Sacke
Arieh Sacke
Meaghan Sangha
Sangha Sutherland
Ardavan Taraporewala
Elham Vizaee
Joseph Wearing

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Instrument Lending Library Support fund

Seeded with its first donation from Les Jones, Sports Photographer and author.
Supplemented with a significant donation by an anonymous donor, in memory of Jerry Garcia.

Les Jones
Anonymous donor

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Contributions of all sizes are welcome and donations can be made with a one time gift or a multi-year pledge with a maximum of 5 years. All donations are fully tax deductible.


teaching music

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