November 9, 2023 - News Story

New Group Classes: Winter 2024

???? Hey there, music lovers, drama enthusiasts, and those seeking a bit of zen! Big news from the Academy—we're shaking things up and rolling out some cool new group classes.

???? Rock Band: Ever dream of jamming with a band? Well, now's your chance! Register for a Rock Band group class, where you can strum, drum, or sing your heart out alongside fellow music buffs. It's all about making noise, having a blast, and discovering your inner rockstar.

???? Theater: Improv: Get ready for some serious laughs! Our improv theater class is all about spontaneity, quick thinking, and the joy of making stuff up on the spot. No scripts, just fun. Come join the hilarity!

???? Intro to Yoga: Kids or Adults, it's time to unwind and stretch it out. If you're curious about yoga or just need a breather, our Intro to Yoga class is calling your name. Find your center, flex those muscles, and let the stress melt away. It's a chill space for everyone, no pretzel poses required. Our teachers will incorporate music into the classes for a unique experience.

Dive into a new chapter with our enriching group classes. Explore music, theater, and movement—reserve your spot now! ????????: Registration Poll

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